about us

24hrssale.com is an easy to use platform that has a customer-friendly interface. Users can easily navigate and select vendors and products that they are interested in, and order away.
The transactions are safe and securely managed by vendors website. The delivery process is dependent on the seller’s location as well as terms and conditions.
24hrssale.com is just a middleman, providing you with the service and the luxury of shopping from the comfort of your home.

24hrssale.com provides all data and information In real-time and also updates in real-time, so that customers are well-informed and up-to-date with the availability as well as the prices of the products being offered by sellers and vendors.
Each transaction is between the seller and the buyer only, and 24hrssale.com is only the facilitator. 24hrssale.com will not take any responsibility for losses and/or delays in delivery incurred by customers and buyers.
However, with rapid expansion, a like-minded team is sought which will help the business grow and add new vendors as well as attract potential clients and customers to deal via 24hrssale.com.
If you think you have any products that you want to sell using our website,Please feel free to contact us with your details.